What Abby’s Clients are saying:

Jordan says:

– You’re damn good at your job.
– I feel like I trust you to be honest and make decisions that are actually in the best interest of my hair/face shape.
– You’re genuine, a good listener, and a good conversationalist.
– You stay up-to-date on the industry (especially for us curly-haired folk) and provide tips/info that are all budgets-friendly.

Liana says:

You can read personalities and understand what people want when they describe a vision to you.
There is logic behind all that you do and your extensive knowledge base and teaching capacity is obvious.
You offer a variety of products so there is always something new to smell and ask about. This also holds true for the snippets of written knowledge you post on your walls. You have an economy of motion and don’t shout or talk over people; your space is peaceful

Liz says:

What sets you apart is that you are game for anything that comes to my hair but you KNOW me. You know who I am, what I am capable of maintenance wise and you are very kind about telling me something may not be for me. Like chopping my hair, you know I usually end up hating it and you remind me of my goals etc. You are game to try anything but you are always always always honest and realistic.

Danielle says:

You take the time to research your products and make an effort to provide ones that are more in line with my wellness goals then what other salons/stylists are providing.  Your interest in learning new processes for doing hair is really neat too!

Stephanie says:

For me, you aren’t just a typical hair stylist. You engage your clients (well, at least me) in a different way; with a more genuine and deeper level of conversation than most will experience with other hair stylists. You genuinely care about the people you serve, not only their hair follicles but also their overall well-being. I also love that you are constantly striving to learn new techniques and are focused on natural products. It is great to know my hair stylist cares about what chemicals are being applied to my body! I would describe you and the services you provide as holistic wellness! You make people feel and look great on the outside but also nurture the emotional/spiritual aspect of your clients as well.