Hair is made from a protein called keratin. It gives structure, shape and strength to your hair. Without protein, your hair is limp, lifeless, weak and may fall out easily.

Protein helps to balance out the moisture in your hair. You need a good combination of moisture and protein to keep hair healthy. If you have more protein and less moisture, your hair will feel dry and brittle. If your hair is limp and lifeless you may have too much moisture.

Here’s a few things that can effect protein in your hair:

  • Chemical Treatments
  • Weather
  • Not enough Protein in your diet
  • Heat-styling too much¬†
  • Using too harsh of a surfactant to cleanse your hair

How to tell if you need more protein:

  • Your Hair is weak, lifeless or limp
  • No amount of moisture helps
  • You say your product isn’t working properly anymore

A protein treatment is going to attach to the outer layer of your hair called the cuticle. It will harden the cuticle, filling in any weak areas and adding strength to the hair.

There are proteins in most products you will use every day. Here are some key words that will be on the product if it contains protein: reconstructing, strengthening, rebuilding, The ingredient list will contain the words: keratin, silk, hydrolyzed protein, amino acids.

If you feel like your hair is limp and lifeless, add in a protein treatment once a month. Here’s an option for at home use.

For an in salon service, I highly recommend Virtue’s Color Kick to be added into your next coloring service with me. It is pure keratin delivered through the color to get into the cortex of your hair.

Just remember: Do not go over board on at home protein treatments and start using it too frequently.  There is a balance with moisture and protein. Make sure to notice how your hair feels after a protein treatment. If it feels hard and brittle, back off on the treatment to maybe once every 8 weeks. This is all based on what your hair feels like. For added moisture Inner Sense Hydrating Hair Masque is my go-to choice.

Why you should be using Apple Cider Vinegar in your beauty routine?

Did your Grandma ever tell you to wash your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar? I can remember thinking, “Yuck!” Fast forward 25 years and I am doing it on a monthly basis!! Why…’s the benefits I have found:

-helps breakdown buildup
-anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. This helps with any flaking you may have on your scalp.
-helps oily scalp
-helps in transitioning from not shampooing daily
-a clean scalp = a clean follicles which will help strengthen the hair root which in turn promotes hair growth!
-seals cuticle to lock in color
-exfoliates the scalp

This rinse is going to be adjustable based on your needs for your scalp and hair. A good starting ground is to mix:
1-4 Tablespoons of ACV to 1 cup of water
You can add it in a squirt bottle, cup, or spray bottle to make the application easier. Then you will shampoo your hair, rinse, then apply the ACV rinse. Make sure to get it on scalp and ends. Rub it into your hair and leave on for 1-2 minutes. Rinse. Follow up with a conditioner.

Make sure to use the apple cider vinegar that contains the “mother” in it. This type contains nutrients and enzymes that contribute to its many different benefits.

Try incorporating this into your hair routine once a month to keep the buildup under control. If you are struggling with oily scalp then try doing this every 4-5 shampoos until your scalp settles down. If all of this is too much to start with, I can recommend a great product that contains ACV in it.