Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is a must-have in my house for hair, skin & nails. Why is it so good for my thin, wavy textured hair? It has a tiny triglyceride which will penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair over time. This will allow for deep moisture and nourishment to happen. It also has antimicrobial properties. This helps prevent skin infections and has been known to help dandruff sufferers. When purchasing coconut oil, look for: organic, unrefined, cold-pressed pure coconut oil. All this means is you are getting a pure oil processed with no chemicals.

I keep a small container near my bed so almost every night I apply a small amount to my cuticles to keep them from becoming dry. I love this as a hair & scalp treatment as well.

Here’s how I do it, on nights before I am going to shampoo, I gather a small amount onto the tips of my fingers, let it melt slightly and then rub my fingers onto my scalp. To cover your whole scalp this may take a little bit of time, but the benefits are worth it. Then the next morning I shampoo, condition and I have no oily residue behind. My scalp is moisturized and any dry areas are extra nourished. If I feel like my hair is feeling dry, I will take the coconut oil and apply to all of my hair. This creates a greasy, wet look to your hair. I will put my hair on top of my head and sleep on it. If you are worried about your pillowcase, lay a towel down over your pillow to protect it. The next morning I will do a double shampoo to really get the oil off, then follow with a conditioner. I try to do this process once a week. Clearly if you have a coconut allergy do not use this method.

I hope you can find some relief to dry hair or an itchy scalp. Comment below if you have found success when using coconut oil.