A New Way to Shampoo for Wavy Hair

Even though I have been in the hair industry for awhile now, I was still a little intimidated by all of the steps that seemed to go along in this new quest.  I had to

  • know ingredients of my products
  • own a microfiber towel
  • don’t run a comb or brush through my hair
  • don’t touch my hair
  • have special clips
  • not blow dry or straighten

EEK, really?!?! If I was going to do this I would be all in for awhile, then I would adapt it to me, personally. So here was my product choices at first

  • Inner Sense Pure Harmony Hairbath
  • Inner Sense Pure Inspiration Conditioner
  • Inner Sense Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner
  • Inner Sense Quiet Calm Curl Control
  • Inner Sense I Create Hold

This was my line up for awhile. I would shampoo and then condition. I would scrunch in the conditioner instead of just slapping it on. Basically turning my head over and scrunching in the conditioner until you heard a squishy sound. This in the curly world is called “squish to condish.” You are trying to force water into the hair cuticle using conditioner. Water is hydration and what your hair needs to be healthy. Your hair should feel like seaweed and you should start to see curl clumps forming. Some methods say to squish under running water until you have replaced all the conditioner with water. Others would say keep a little bit of conditioner on your hair. I have tried both ways and realize that my fine, wavy hair needs to be completely rinsed.

I would follow this up with a leave in conditioner. I would, still flipped over, spritz my hair with leave in and scrunch in the products. One of the advantages of applying this while still in the humidity of the shower is, to retain in as much hydration as possible. This will keep curls more defined and tames the frizz.

Still in the shower with freshly clean hair and leave in applied, I would now begin to apply my products for styling. I would take a nickel size amount of the curl cream and continue to scrunch my hair up to the scalp, distributing this all over my hair. I would then add the I Create Hold gel over the top of the curl cream. The cream was nourishing the curls and the gel was going to hold it in place and create a caste.

Next I would take a microfiber towel or t-shirt and begin scrunching my hair to eliminate some of the water. Gracefully I would “plop” my curls on top of my head wrapped in the towel and let it sit for 10-15 min. I would then drop the towel and let the curls fall where they wanted to go.

My favorite part is clipping. This is where volume begins! After letting the hair fall, I would grab a curl clump, pinch it and lift it up, placing a pin curl clip in vertically to get lift. I would do this around the crown of my head. For the first couple weeks I eliminated the blow dryer from my routine. I wanted to get my hair in the healthiest state possible. After a few weeks I began to diffuse my hair about 50% dry.

The goal was to reset my hair, eliminate silicones that were covering my cuticle, and uncover any wave pattens that I had hiding in my hair. After doing this type of shampooing & applying product, I was able to see a complete difference in my hairs texture. You can see the difference below in a couple months. I went from fuzzy texture to more of a curl.

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